interactive installation, Nowhere 2019

canyas, rope, love

lead artist, concept and design

Can you make a ‘realistic’ tree from canyas?

The Tree of Love is an art installation, intended to be a sacred space, a place of gathering, of celebration, of rest. An oasis of calm and human contact in what can be a whirlwind of impressions and high-energy intensity of the Nowhere event. A sanctuary for contemplation. An ‘event space’ for spiritual workshops, weddings,  celebrations, or commemorations. A sculpture that can be experienced for its aesthetic beauty, and at the same time is a “canvas of experience” for participants to use in a way they see fit, different from the standard communal structures or barrios.

Trees have had a special function in past and present human societies. They were and are places of worship. Of connectedness to nature. Of shade, that enables group gatherings. Of teaching. Of repose.

The Tree of Love celebrates this archetypical function of trees, by bringing a large tree sculpture, made out of natural “local” Spanish materials, that enables all above functions, and at the same time reflects in its design and execution on the necessity of high budgets, and of using “new” and environmentally less friendly materials.

[excerpt from the project plan]


The Tree of Love was created in a prototype/demo-version at Nowhere 2019.